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Carol Wilder: Crossing The Street In Hanoi

A Reading & Reception
March 6, 2014
Thursday, 6-9pm
Social Room, VCMC

Carol Wilder’s illumination Crossing the Street in Hanoi enriches us on every page with its seductive mix of storytelling, philosophy and insights into both Vietnam and the United States. Wilder’s crowning achievement, and the reason for her book to attract a wide audience, is that once and for all she unifies the three designations of Vietnam: the war, the era, and finally the county itself.”

– Peter Davis, director, Academy Award-wining Vietnam documentary Hearts and Minds

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Carol Wilder is a Professor of Media Studies Continue reading

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The I(eye) In Media

Opening Friday, March 14, 6-9pm, 2014
Exhibit March 15, 16, 22, 23, Saturday and Sunday, Noon-5pm

An installation project about the “I” in media and how we make it, subculture media catalysts, and how to add your “I (Eye)” to the media. Featuring Godzilla, green screens, slinky satire, and photography.

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An installation project about the “I” in media and how we make it, subculture media catalysts, and how to add your “I (Eye)” to the media.

“The media” is made by people, and we are the people who put ourselves in the media as much as we are the media. We are activists, makers, hacks, hackers, photographers, costume designers, poster people, video viralists, and culture-harvesters who hang flyers. Continue reading

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Krista DeNio’s Contact Project

CounterPULSE’s Artist Residency
Commissioning Program Presents:
Krista DeNio’s the CONTACT project
March 14-15, FRI-SAT,  8PM, 2014
March 20-23, Thursday-Saturday, 8PM, Sunday 3PM
1310 Mission Street  @9th Street

Reflections image

The CONTACT project is a contemporary performance training and development model, bringing together mixed ensembles of veterans of war and military service with non-veteran civilians, to co-create an audience-interactive performance installation.

Acknowledging the societal divide between veterans and the rest of the civilian population, CONTACT asks us to consider our relationships with territory, survival, violence, trauma and our real and perceived needs as individuals and communities.  What do we have in common? Where do we differ? What can we learn from our different, but connected histories?  Investigating our individual, daily realities, personal histories and [connection to/disconnect from] war, we begin to trace patterns in relationship with our communities, and the larger global events. One to one relationship building, in the context of larger group performative sharing [performers and audience] becomes an intimate, global experience.

Visit Krista DeNio‘s artist page for blogs about the creation of their work.

Performances will be a double bill with Charya Burt’s Silenced,  which tells the story of Cambodian pop star Ros Serey Sothea, whose life was cut short by genocide.

Special Engagements:
Friday, March 14 (Opening night): Post-Show Audience Q & A
Thursday, March 20: Pay-What-You-Can-Night! 
Friday March 21: Post-Show Panel Discussion “Before and After War”

  • Susan Maxwell – PTSD clinical psychologist
  • Misty Snyder – Veteran and performer
  • Khatharya Um – Professor of Asian American Studies, UC Berkeley
  • Thida Buth Mam – Survivor of the Khmer Rouge genocide

Sunday, March 23: 3pm – Matinee Performance!

the CONTACT project Features:  Daniel Bear Davis (Assistant Director), Sonia Decker, Katarina Eriksson, Stephen Funk, Remi Frazier, Hope Hutman (InterMedia Design), Daniel Lippel, Bill McQueen, Utam Moses, Susan Pfeffer, Misty Snyder, and Tina Taylor.

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SF Veterans Memorial Groundbreaking Ceremony

Narduli_Cochran_aerialMarch 20, 2014
Thursday, Noon
Veterans Memorial Court
near 401 Van Ness Avenue @McAllister

The ground breaking ceremony for the San Francisco Veterans Memorial full fills landscape architect Thomas Church’s original 1920 vision for a memorial to Veterans. The soil in, the memorial site, the Veterans Memorial Court made sacred by the interment of consecrated soils from battlefields throughout the world.  The Court is the open space between the Veterans Building and the Opera House.

The winning memorial design proposal “Passage of Remembrance” is by Susan Narduli and Andrea Cochran and 2.5 million dollars has been raised to begin the construction of the long awaited monument.

Veterans and the public are invited to the ceremony.

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San Francisco Veterans Memorial updates

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