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Carol Wilder: Crossing The Street In Hanoi

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A Reading & Reception
March 6, 2014
Thursday, 6-9pm
Social Room, VCMC

Carol Wilder’s illumination Crossing the Street in Hanoi enriches us on every page with its seductive mix of storytelling, philosophy and insights into both Vietnam and the United States. Wilder’s crowning achievement, and the reason for her book to attract a wide audience, is that once and for all she unifies the three designations of Vietnam: the war, the era, and finally the county itself.”

– Peter Davis, director, Academy Award-wining Vietnam documentary Hearts and Minds

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Carol Wilder is a Professor of Media Studies at the New School in New York, where from 1995–2007 she was Chair and Associate Dean. She has taught at San Francisco State University, Oberlin College, and Emerson College. She received a B.S. in English and M.A. in Communications and Theatre from Miami University and a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Communication from Kent State. Wilder has published articles in a dozen journals including Human Communication Research and Journal of Communication.


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Where their service ends, our mission begins: War causes wounds and suffering that last beyone the battlefield. Our Mission is to heal the wounds, to restore dignity, hope and self-sufficiency to veterans in need, to prevent and end homelessness and proverty among veterans we serve, and to promote and protect the rights of all veterans.

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Photos: Janice Tong — Carol Wilder at the Veterans Community Media Center, March 6, 2014

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