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The I(eye) In Media

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Opening Friday, March 14, 6-9pm, 2014
Exhibit March 15, 16, 22, 23, Saturday and Sunday, Noon-5pm

An installation project about the “I” in media and how we make it, subculture media catalysts, and how to add your “I (Eye)” to the media. Featuring Godzilla, green screens, slinky satire, and photography.

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An installation project about the “I” in media and how we make it, subculture media catalysts, and how to add your “I (Eye)” to the media.

“The media” is made by people, and we are the people who put ourselves in the media as much as we are the media. We are activists, makers, hacks, hackers, photographers, costume designers, poster people, video viralists, and culture-harvesters who hang flyers.

Media is all around us and our role is flippy-floppy all day long: sometimes we are absorbing and sometimes we are making.

While there is a national mass media system who control the headlines and a 24-hour news cycle, we are surrounded by a rich media ecosystem in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Bay Area media –community, local, print, internet, television, radio– is rich with participation, and it’s our choice to be included in the media, via political demonstrations, organizing, documenting the under-reported, political art and satire, and more.

“The I (Eye) in Media” installation shows you how easy it is to add your I (eye) to the media, celebrates coverage of protests and demonstrations, and introduces the community media champions. And you get to see TOHOScope newsrooms covering Godzilla through the decades, and BE IN the Godzilla movie on Philco Predicta televisions.

Scheduled to Exhibit:
Predicta PCs – “I vs Godzilla”, by Rodwin Pabello;

Costumes, street theater and the “Fauxtest”, by Palmer Fauxtest;

Political activism photo journalism, by Dina Boyer;

“The I in Media” – How word on the street becomes news in print, by Catherine Lee;

Community Media Outlets in San Francisco – It’s easy to get involved;

“Nkisi 78” site sculpture with Tarot cards, by Vin Reyes;

Posters for the Occupy movement by rock poster artists Chris Shaw, Chuck Sperry, Winston Smith, Alexandra Fisher, Ron Donovan, Dennis Larkins, and Carolyn Ferris;

Veterans Corner Newspaper Column from the CCSF newspaper “The Guardsman”, by Tyler Dylan Brown; An Iraq story and the fall of Saddam’s statue, first person history, from the CCSF magazine “Etc” by Dylan Gunther.

Share the pix: #Fauxtest #PredictaPC #VCMC #IinMedia #GodzillaGreenScreen

Kid Friendly – all ages welcome; 2-hour metered parking on Valencia (smart phone enabled).

Transit: F-Line (Gough or Franklin stop); MUNI Van Ness Station; BART Civic Center; Muni 6, 7,71 (Haight/Gough stop)

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