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Grounds For Dissent: A Pop-up GI Coffeehouse

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Groudns for DissentFebruary 21 & 22
Friday 4–Midnight
Saturday 9am–Midnight
Information: 415 863 3771,, Facebook

Only Two Days The first ever pop-up GI Coffeehouse’s on its West Coast GI Coffeehouse Tour rolling up California into San Francisco. Discussions/Workshops for veterans and civilians Entertainment, a Poster exhibit, Dancing on Friday night! and plenty of food and COFFEE!

Join us in activities and workshops you find enticing.
All day: GI Rights Counseling • Informational tabling • Coffee & snacks •
Circulate the flyers below.

Friday, February 21

  • 4pm Join us for flyering & unveiling
  • 6pm GRAND OPENING!  Join Coffee Strong, Under the Hood, and Clearing Barrel to hear about their work supporting soldiers, military communities, and GI resistance in Washington, Texas, and Germany. Food, Beverage, Conviviality. War is Trauma AND Queer Anti-militarist Poster Exhibit and refreshments
  • 7pm: Meet the Coffeehouse Touring party from Under the hood in Texas, Coffee Strong in Washington State and the Clearing Barrel in Kaiserslautern, Germany — hear about their work — supporting service members, military communities and GI resistance.
  • 8pm Dissenters Ball: Dance Party & performance.

Saturday: February 22

  • 11am BAY-Peace (Better Alternatives for Youth)  Workshop VETERANS Imagine a world without militarism
  • 1:30-3pm Warrior Writers Workshop with by Aaron Hughes of IVAW
  • 4-5:30 Critical Resistance Workshop on militarized policing and community resistance.
  • 6pm Panel Discussion with the Coffeehouse Tour Members “Enrooting Spaces of Resistance”
  • 8-11pm Performances & Open Mic: Eddie Falcon (aka 40 thieves), Keady Phelan + more

Help us circulate these San Francisco GI Coffeehouse flyers

GI Coffeehouse Tour

About the GI Coffee House West Coast Tour: Coffee StrongThe Clearing Barrel, and Under the Hood Cafe and Outreach Center are GI coffeehouses located next to major military installations in Washington State, Germany and Texas.  We provide service members, veterans and their families’ safe places for healing, to exchange unfiltered information, and to speak about our concerns and experiences.

The GI Coffeehouse Tour starting on February 13th in San Diego, CA and ending in the Seattle area on March 1st.  Help us support the rights of service members, veterans and military families while challenging war and militarism by supporting the GI Coffeehouse Tour.  Join us on a tour stop in California, Oregon or Washington, make a tax-deductible donation online today, or learn more about the work of the coffeehouses including our connection to Vietnam-era GI coffeehouses.

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