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Discover The Goddess Within

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April 5 & 19
May 3 & 17
Saturday, 1-3pm
$20 donation
Latonia Dixon
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Join Latonia in guided meditation, art, poetry, & storytelling to discover the compossionate Goddess within each of us. Her workshops are filled with joy & compassion… no judgment is allowed.
April 5 & May 3: Women only workshop—all women from 18-99,
April 19 & May 17 for women and men.

Latonia M. Dixon, RN, MA, MFA, an artist, published poet, Reiki master, registered nurse & an Army Veteran. She has been teaching and co-creating “Discover the Goddess Within” for over 3 years. Latonia is also certified in mask-making, sound voice, music and healing, & is a level 3 student in Mastering Alchemy.

One thought on “Discover The Goddess Within

  1. jj – i too went there in 1987 at 18 years old, then again later on in my 30 s. my experience was very much the same, no clue when i was young, but overwhelmed in the context of a grown man. i know my grandfather felt some deep emotions he rarely shared about those dark days in southeast asia


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