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The Actor Within: A Storytelling Journey

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Acting Classes with Ulises Escobar & Mark Rachel
Wednesdays starts February, 2014
Class $15 non-Vets,  $10 for Veterans
First Class Free
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The Actor Within :: A Storytelling Journey (with Ulises Escobar with Mark Rachel) Wednesdays, starting February 12 $15.00 – non-veterans  |   $10.00 – veterans  | First Class Free!

What is your story?
Story applies to everything we experience. it informs what and how we communicate. Story also drives our creativity to invent, problem solve, and find the endless ways we relate to one another, from live events, marketing and recorded media, to the new digital domain. The stories must go on…

Enter the world of Acting…
Learn to  to ‘discover’ your own insights and apply them practically to narrative or abstract concepts. We will explore Acting technique, improv, text deconstruction, active choice analysis, and other exercises, to recognize your ability to explore your creative choices in writing, directing, filmmaking, transmedia… and yes, even Acting!

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