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Why We Must Close Guantánamo

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Public Forum With Veteran Elliot Adams
October 23
6:30pm light refreshments
7pm Forum

Elliott is on the West Coast intent on speaking about the social movement that will “Close Gitmo.” Making a strong case from multiple perspectives, Elliott is shifting the discussion from the evils of Guantanamo to why we will be better off when Guantánamo it is closed.

 This summer, in solidarity with Guantánamo Bay Detainees and Pelican Bay Prisoner Hunger Strikers — Elliott Adams, lived for 80 days on 300 calories a day.  He ended his fast by partaking a meal with mosque member at sundown, during Ramadan, at a mosque in Albany, New York.

Elliott, a New York State Veterans For Peace member,is a past president of VFP’s National Board. In the 1960’s, he volunteered for the army and served as an infantry paratrooper in Viet Nam, Japan, Korea, and Alaska. Over time, Elliott transformed into a nonviolent warrior, applying himself to building movements focused on creating justice and ending our war culture. He  has been arrested repeatedly for the cause of peace. He has also served his local community in a variety of capacities, including president of the school board, mayor of his village, and president of Rotary and Master of the Masonic Lodge.

Come meet Elliott at the Veterans Community Media Center, 1720 Market Street, San Francisco, California.

Evening sponsored by Veteran’s Speaker’s Alliance/Veterans For Peace Chapter 69.

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