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Free Improvsation Workshops for Veterans

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Vets Improv Flyer

Vets Improv Flyer

Demo Workshop
October 10
7-9pm, Tuesday
Public Cost $15
Free for Vets—Must RSVP

HAVE FUN at the DEMO. Play beginning Theater Games or just watch — to see what we do. We begin with focus exercises & ice-breakers that anyone can do successfully. We build confidence, trust & fearlessness on stage.  With Theater Games we create a safe place to try new things.

Improv Theater Games
Oct 15-Dec 3
7-9pm, Tuesdays
8 weeks
Public Cost $400, $50/session
Free for Vets—Must RSVP

Give a gift to yourself. Learn to improvise, work as a non-competitive, mutually supportive team with others, get comfortable taking risks, lose your self-consciousness, open your natural, playful creative abilities, express yourself… &  FLY!!!

The Next Stage Training Programs
Marcia Kimmell Blog

  • Actor, director, teaching artist, Marcia Kimmell started  The Next Stage as an alternative acting school, accessible to anyone who wanted to get the benefits that improvisational Theater Games had for actors & for anyone who wanted to increase their personal creativity and communication skills.
  • Kimmell was trained by Viola Spolin, creator of Theater Games at the Second City in Chicago & the Spolin Theater Games Center in LA.  Spolin is internationally known and considered the “mother of the Improvisational Theater Movement in the US.”
  • Marcia has training & experience as an actor and director in traditional theater, as well as improvisation.
  • She has been teaching Theater Games for 40 years & is considered a master teacher.

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