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Military Veteran Artist: Invitation To Show Work At Intel

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We want to share this letter from Kathleen Ellertson, Veteran Artist Program Manager at Intel

Dear U.S. Military Veteran Artists,

 At Intel Corporation, we are proud to recognize our Military Veteran’s service which has made our country stronger.  Intel is proud to announce a multi-site/national Military Veteran Art Show at Intel U.S. sites. We’re asking for your participation. This is an invitation for you  to help us raise Intel employee awareness of your service.  In your honor, we want  to bring together the veteran and artistic communities to show your art; painting, drawing, writing, photography or sculpture.  The show will also include Intel Military Veterans and offer an opportunity to grow local Veteran communities.

If you are interested; here are the details:  
Who: All US Military Veterans
What: US Military Veteran Art Show
Where: On walls and podiums of Intel facilities in Santa Clara, Folsom (CA), DuPont (WA), Hillsboro (OR), Chandler (AZ), Rio Rancho (NM), Ft Collins (CO), and Hudson (MA).
When: Oct – Dec 2013


  • Convey interest à contact – describe the artwork.
  • Describe your art genre (by September 15th )
  • Artists must physically bring their art work or pay to have it shipped shortly before show opens.  Intel cannot provide storage or insurance coverage.

In association with the Veteran Artist Program

Kathleen Ellertson
Veteran Artist Program Manager

Intel Corporation
916 377 9832  o
916 952 3291  c

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