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Join Us: Vet To Vet Roundtable

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Vet to Vet Roundtable Introduction & Discussion
Friday, November 16, 2012, 5–7 pm
Veterans Building
401 Van Ness Avenue, Room 207
San Francisco

Meet Moe Armstrong (Vet to Vet founder) and Roy A. Brown (Vet to Vet National Deputy Director) and find out about Vet to Vet Peer Counseling Workshops and how to participate. Vet to Vet’s peer-facilitator training program teaches Veterans how to facilitate peer group sessions.The event on Friday the 16th at the Veterans Building leads into the 2-day workshop: Saturday November 17 and Sunday November 18 at Fort Miley/VA Medical Center. For more information contact Bob Hollis 415·479·5713, 415·990·0069

About Vet to Vet is an independent provider partnership program that utilizes peer-counseling to help Veterans in recovery. They are administered by Veterans who themselves have been consumers of VA mental-health services. They are a group of Veterans who promote awareness by developing activities that connect Veterans with the VA Veteran-based groups and the community. They provide a safe and supportive place for Veterans to share memories, challenges, and experiences with others—who understand from a personal perspective. No one better understands than those who have lived and continue to live with these experiences.

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